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open class PairedEncryptor

This use case class performs an “encrypt” operation on some data, parametrized by a PairedSecurityKey.

ByteSecret sessionSecret = SecretGenerator.getInstance().createRandom(32);
byte[] encryptedSessionSecret = new PairedEncryptor(pairedSecurityKey).encrypt(sessionSecret);

The encryptedSessionSecret is typically stored in an EncryptedSessionStorage, to be able to later restore the sessionSecret using a PairedDecryptor.

The sessionSecret can be used for symmetric encryption operations, e.g. to encrypt a database. Once it has been deleted, it can only be restored from the encryptedSessionSecret when the paired security key is connected.

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Name Summary


Name Summary
PairedEncryptor open fun PairedEncryptor(pairedSecurityKey: PairedSecurityKey)Create an instance parametrized for a PairedSecurityKey.


Name Summary

open fun encrypt(data: ByteSecret): Array<Byte>

Encrypts data for the injected PairedSecurityKey.