Xamarin SDK Overview

Xamarin.Android exposes the complete Android SDK for .NET developers. It can be used to build fully native Android apps using C# in Visual Studio.

We provide early access to a Xamarin-ready release of the FIDO parts of our Hardware Security SDK.

Add the SDK to Your Project

Before starting, please contact us for a license.

  1. Add https://nuget.hwsecurity.dev/index.json to your NuGet sources.
  2. Install NuGet packages
Add our NuGet source
Install the Hardware Security SDK

NuGet Packages

Packages Version
Xamarin.Hwsecurity.Android 4.1.3
Xamarin.Hwsecurity.Android.Fido 4.1.3
Xamarin.Hwsecurity.Android.Fido2 4.1.3
Xamarin.Hwsecurity.Android.Ui 4.1.3

Missing Packages or Features?

If you need specific features in our Xamarin version, we will prioritize its development. Please contact us if you are working on a C# project.