hwsecurity-fido / de.cotech.hw.fido

Package de.cotech.hw.fido


Name Summary
FidoAuthenticateCallback interface FidoAuthenticateCallback
FidoAuthenticateRequest abstract class FidoAuthenticateRequest : Parcelable
FidoAuthenticateResponse abstract class FidoAuthenticateResponse
FidoFacetIdUtil open class FidoFacetIdUtil
FidoRegisterCallback interface FidoRegisterCallback
FidoRegisterRequest abstract class FidoRegisterRequest : Parcelable
FidoRegisterResponse abstract class FidoRegisterResponse : Parcelable
FidoSecurityKey open class FidoSecurityKey : SecurityKey
FidoSecurityKeyConnectionMode open class FidoSecurityKeyConnectionMode : SecurityKeyConnectionMode

open class WebViewFidoBridge

If you are using a WebView for your login flow, you can use this WebViewFidoBridge for extending the WebView’s Javascript API with the official FIDO U2F APIs.

Currently supported: - High level API of U2F v1.1, https://fidoalliance.org/specs/fido-u2f-v1.2-ps-20170411/fido-u2f-javascript-api-v1.2-ps-20170411.html

Note: Currently only compatible and tested with Android SDK >= 19 due to evaluateJavascript() calls.

WebsafeBase64 open class WebsafeBase64