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Package de.cotech.hw.fido

The FIDO package of the Security Hardware SDK.


Name Summary
FidoAuthenticateCallback interface FidoAuthenticateCallback
FidoAuthenticateRequest abstract class FidoAuthenticateRequest
FidoAuthenticateResponse abstract class FidoAuthenticateResponse
FidoFacetIdUtil open class FidoFacetIdUtil
FidoRegisterCallback interface FidoRegisterCallback
FidoRegisterRequest abstract class FidoRegisterRequest
FidoRegisterResponse abstract class FidoRegisterResponse
FidoSecurityKey open class FidoSecurityKey
FidoSecurityKeyConnectionMode open class FidoSecurityKeyConnectionMode
WebsafeBase64 open class WebsafeBase64

open class WebViewFidoBridge

If you are using a WebView for your login flow, you can use this WebViewFidoBridge for extending the WebView’s Javascript API with the official FIDO U2F APIs.