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Package de.cotech.hw.openpgp.pairedkey

Classes for dealing with PINs of paired security keys.


Name Summary

open class PairedDecryptor

This use case class performs a “decrypt” operation on encrypted data, parametrized by a OpenPgpSecurityKey, PinProvider, and PairedSecurityKey.


open class PairedEncryptor

This use case class performs an “encrypt” operation on some data, parametrized by a PairedSecurityKey.


open class PairedSecurityKey : Serializable

A PairedSecurityKey represents a storable reference to a hardware security key that has been paired before.

PairedSecurityKeyException open class PairedSecurityKeyException : IOException
PairedSecurityKeySerializer interface PairedSecurityKeySerializer
PairedSecurityKeySerializerImpl open class PairedSecurityKeySerializerImpl : PairedSecurityKeySerializer