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open class PairedSecurityKey : Serializable

A PairedSecurityKey represents a storable reference to a hardware security key that has been paired before.

Specifically, it contains the security key’s AID, and public keys for key pairs stored on the security key. The AID (Application Identifier) contains a unique serial number, which can be used to identify its related security key when it connects.

This class is primarily used for two use cases:

  • Recognize a security key that has been paired before upon connection.
  • Perform public operations on the security key's key pairs.

This class is a serializable POJO, and instances can be stored in a de.cotech.hw.openpgp.storage.PairedSecurityKeyStorage, or any storage that supports Serializable objects.

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Name Summary


Name Summary
PairedSecurityKey open fun PairedSecurityKey(securityKeyAid: Array<Byte>, encryptFingerprint: Array<Byte>, encryptPublicKey: PublicKey, signFingerprint: Array<Byte>, signPublicKey: PublicKey, authFingerprint: Array<Byte>, authPublicKey: PublicKey)Constructs a new PairedSecurityKey.This method should only be used internally.


Name Summary
authFingerprint private val authFingerprint: Array<Byte>
authPublicKey private val authPublicKey: PublicKey
encryptFingerprint private val encryptFingerprint: Array<Byte>
encryptPublicKey private val encryptPublicKey: PublicKey
securityKeyAid private val securityKeyAid: Array<Byte>
signFingerprint private val signFingerprint: Array<Byte>
signPublicKey private val signPublicKey: PublicKey