Ivanti Wavelink

Authentication for Warehouse Operations

Ivanti reached out to COTECH to provide a software solution for FIDO2 passwordless+usernameless authentication using resident keys stored on FIDO2 compatible security hardware. COTECH delivered a working solution on time per the contract and has been extremely helpful in providing additional clarification to questions around authentication and security related to this solution.

The integrated FIDO2 solution provided by COTECH into Ivanti/Wavelink’s Velocity product has provided our customers with a powerful, easy to use passwordless and nameless authentication in their highly secure environments.

Michael Hall

VP Engineering & Customer Care, Ivanti/Wavelink

Exceet Connect

Security Solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Our partner Exceet Secure Solutions is working with mechanical engineering companies to connect their industrial plants to a IIoT. Since plants are often critical infrastructures, their security requirements are high. To fulfill at least level 2 of the industry standard IEC 62443, physically separated key storages are required.

The Hardware Security SDK has been integrated in their IIoT administration app to use smartcards over NFC for authentication. This allows non-IT personal to configure their industrial plants in a secure and convenient way.

Exceet Connect website PDF with details (in German, iX Sonderbeilage 2019)


Passwordless Login and Two-Factor Authentication

Using the Hardware Security SDK, the Nextcloud Android app supports two-factor authentication since 3.8 and WebAuthn passwordless login since 3.14.0. With just 18 lines of code, the app now supports FIDO authentication by extending the WebView that has already been used for the login flow.

Read their blog post about our collaboration

Our team can focus on Nextcloud's core features, while WebAuthn passwordless login is provided by the SDK.

Andy Scherzinger

Nextcloud Developer

Tungsten Messenger

Secure Messenger with Full App Encryption

Tungsten is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that allows each user to have two types of personas: public and anonymous. While the public persona is connected to your mobile phone number, the anonymous one is ephemeral and routed over Tor for anonymization.

In collaboration with Tungsten Labs, we released the Tungsten Key to fully encrypt and hide their anonymous personas over NFC. This means that anonymous chats cannot be accessed even when the phone is confiscated or stolen.

Read their blog post about our collaboration
Tungsten Key


SSH with YubiKeys, Nitrokeys and OpenPGP cards

Log into your servers with SSH and authenticate with your Security Keys and OpenPGP cards over NFC and USB. TermBot is based on ConnectBot and uses the Cotech Hardware Security SDK.

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