We are Hardware-Independent

Our SDK is designed to be independent of the hardware vendor. We take great care of ensuring compatibility with a wide range of security keys and smartcards.

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Yubico Works with Yubikey
Yubikey products

State-of-the-Art Security Keys

Protect Your Digital World

The Hardware Security SDK has been vetted and verified by the Yubico team. By entering the “Works with YubiKey” program, we have joined a list of companies which hold some of the industry leaders like GitHub, Dropbox, and Twitter. Yubico produces a wide range of NFC and USB security keys for all major use cases.

Yubico-Verified Listing

FIDO2-Certified Hardware

Path to Passwordless Authentication

FEITIAN Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of smartcards and security keys. Their newest hardware paves the way for passwordless authentication. Together with the Hardware Security SDK, they can be used to protect industrial systems at scale. In our partnership, their FIDO2 products have been verified to work perfectly over NFC and USB-C.

Feitian Article About our Partnership
Feitian Feitian multipass
Nitrokey Nitrokey products

Security Keys

Nitrokeys for Encryption and Authentication

Since Nitrokeys are developed and produced in Germany, it was natural to establish a partnership. The combination of Nitrokeys and the Hardware Security SDK allows passwordless login in Nextcloud's Android app. They produce USB security keys, not just for authentication, but also for encryption use cases.

Nitrokeys & Nextcloud Blog Post

FIDO2 Security Key

Secure Login. Open. Easy.

We are partnering with SoloKeys to provide an open source FIDO2 implementation for Android. This involves testing NFC support on different Android devices to provide an improved user experience. SoloKeys are open source and work with the FIDO2 protocol over NFC and USB.

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Cryptnox Cryptnox FIDO2 card

FIDO2-Certified Card

Swiss-Based Vendor

Cryptnox is a new smartcard vendor, entering the market with a Common Criteria EAL6+ and FIDO2-certified smartcard. The card works over NFC or via contact-based smartcard readers. With this partnership, we are able to provide custom printing even in small quantities. If required, FIPS-140-2 can be enabled for a deployment.

Cryptnox Information

Custom Smartcards

Firmware Development and Hardware Deployment

We ourselves also offer development and deployment of custom hardware. Based on the JavaCard standard, we develop custom firmwares for smartcards and security keys. This allows us to implement proprietary use cases or choose cryptographic algorithms according to your requirements. COTECH officially registered AID D276000178 for this. Furthermore, we offer smartcard printing in different qualities.

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COTECH COTECH security card

Hardware Security SDK

Our SDK is a vendor-independent framework for using security keys and smartcards over NFC and USB.

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