hwsecurity-fido2 / de.cotech.hw.fido2

Package de.cotech.hw.fido2


Name Summary
Ctap2Callback interface Ctap2Callback<CR : Ctap2Response>
Fido2SecurityKey open class Fido2SecurityKey : SecurityKey
Fido2SecurityKeyConnectionMode open class Fido2SecurityKeyConnectionMode : SecurityKeyConnectionMode
Fido2SecurityKeyConnectionModeConfig abstract class Fido2SecurityKeyConnectionModeConfig : Parcelable
PublicKeyCredential abstract class PublicKeyCredential : Credential, WebauthnResponse
PublicKeyCredentialCreate abstract class PublicKeyCredentialCreate : WebauthnCommand
PublicKeyCredentialGet abstract class PublicKeyCredentialGet : WebauthnCommand

open class WebViewWebauthnBridge

If you are using a WebView for your login flow, you can use this WebViewWebauthnBridge for extending the WebView’s Javascript API with the WebAuthn APIs.

Note: Currently only compatible and tested with Android SDK >= 19 due to evaluateJavascript() calls.

WebauthnCallback interface WebauthnCallback<R : WebauthnResponse>
WebauthnJsonCallback interface WebauthnJsonCallback