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open class Hwsecurity25519PublicKey : PublicKey

Wrapper class for Ed25519 and X25519 keys, since there are no PublicKey classes in Android for Curve25519 keys.

Hwsecurity25519PublicKey can be converted to Bouncy Castle PublicKeys using Bouncy25519KeyConverter from hwsecurity-openpgp artifact.


Name Summary
Hwsecurity25519PublicKey open fun Hwsecurity25519PublicKey(rawPublicKey: Array<Byte>, algorithm: String)bytes of the compressed point


Name Summary
getAlgorithm abstract fun getAlgorithm(): String
getEncoded open fun getEncoded(): Array<Byte>
abstract fun getEncoded(): Array<Byte>
getFormat open fun getFormat(): String
abstract fun getFormat(): String


Name Summary
algorithm private open val algorithm: String