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class CotechSecurityKeyProvider : Provider

This is a JCA cryptography Provider to interface with security keys via JCA.

This provider implements the underlying cryptographic operations for security key connected java.security.PrivateKey objects. It must be initialized in the app before any JCA-based security key operations can be performed. This is done as part of init by enabling JCA operations in the configuration parameter.

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Name Summary
CotechSecurityKeyProvider open fun CotechSecurityKeyProvider()


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addEngine open fun addEngine(p: String, p1: Boolean, p2: String)
addEntry open fun addEntry(p: Int, p1: K, p2: V, p3: Int)
check open fun check(p: String)
checkInitialized open fun checkInitialized()
checkLegacy open fun checkLegacy(p: Any): Boolean
clear open fun clear()
clone open fun clone(): Any
compute open fun compute(p: Any, p1: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out Any>): Any
open fun compute(p: K, p1: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out V>): V
computeIfAbsent open fun computeIfAbsent(p: Any, p1: (out Any) -> out Any): Any
open fun computeIfAbsent(p: K, p1: (out Any) -> out V): V
computeIfPresent open fun computeIfPresent(p: Any, p1: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out Any>): Any
open fun computeIfPresent(p: K, p1: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out V>): V
contains open fun contains(p: Any): Boolean
containsKey open fun containsKey(p: Any): Boolean
containsValue open fun containsValue(p: Any): Boolean
elements open fun elements(): Enumeration<Any>
open fun elements(): Enumeration<V>
ensureLegacyParsed open fun ensureLegacyParsed()
entrySet open fun entrySet(): Set<Map.Entry<Any, Any»
open fun entrySet(): Set<Map.Entry<K, V»
enumerate open fun enumerate(p: Hashtable<String, Any>)
enumerateStringProperties open fun enumerateStringProperties(p: Hashtable<String, String>)
equals open fun equals(p: Any): Boolean
forEach open fun forEach(p: BiConsumer<out Any, out Any>)
get open fun get(p: Any): Any
open fun get(p: Any): V
getEngineName open fun getEngineName(p: String): String
getEnumeration open fun <T> getEnumeration(p: Int): Enumeration<T>
getInfo open fun getInfo(): String
getIterator open fun <T> getIterator(p: Int): Iterator<T>
getName open fun getName(): String
getOrDefault open fun getOrDefault(p: Any, p1: Any): Any
open fun getOrDefault(p: Any, p1: V): V
getProperty open fun getProperty(p: String): String
getService open fun getService(p: String, p1: String): Provider.Service
getServices open fun getServices(): Set<Provider.Service>
getTypeAndAlgorithm open fun getTypeAndAlgorithm(p: String): Array<String>
getVersion open fun getVersion(): Double
hasAlgorithm open fun hasAlgorithm(type: String, name: String): Boolean
hashCode open fun hashCode(): Int
implClear open fun implClear()
implCompute open fun implCompute(p: Any, p1: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out Any>): Any
implComputeIfAbsent open fun implComputeIfAbsent(p: Any, p1: (out Any) -> out Any): Any
implComputeIfPresent open fun implComputeIfPresent(p: Any, p1: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out Any>): Any
implMerge open fun implMerge(p: Any, p1: Any, p2: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out Any>): Any
implPut open fun implPut(p: Any, p1: Any): Any
implPutAll open fun implPutAll(p: Map<out Any, out Any>)
implPutIfAbsent open fun implPutIfAbsent(p: Any, p1: Any): Any
implRemove open fun implRemove(p: Any): Any
open fun implRemove(p: Any, p1: Any): Boolean
implRemoveService open fun implRemoveService(p: Provider.Service)
implReplace open fun implReplace(p: Any, p1: Any): Any
open fun implReplace(p: Any, p1: Any, p2: Any): Boolean
implReplaceAll open fun implReplaceAll(p: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out Any>)
installProvider open fun installProvider()
isEmpty open fun isEmpty(): Boolean
isInstalled open fun isInstalled(): Boolean
keys open fun keys(): Enumeration<Any>
open fun keys(): Enumeration<K>
keySet open fun keySet(): Set<Any>
open fun keySet(): Set<K>
list open fun list(p: PrintStream)
load open fun load(p: InputStream)
load0 open fun load0(p: Properties.LineReader)
loadConvert open fun loadConvert(p: Array<Char>, p1: Int, p2: Int, p3: Array<Char>): String
loadFromXML open fun loadFromXML(p: InputStream)
merge open fun merge(p: Any, p1: Any, p2: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out Any>): Any
open fun merge(p: K, p1: V, p2: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out V>): V
parseLegacyPut open fun parseLegacyPut(p: String, p1: String)
propertyNames open fun propertyNames(): Enumeration<out Any>
put open fun put(p: Any, p1: Any): Any
open fun put(p: K, p1: V): V
putAll open fun putAll(p: Map<out Any, out Any>)
putId open fun putId()
putIfAbsent open fun putIfAbsent(p: Any, p1: Any): Any
open fun putIfAbsent(p: K, p1: V): V
putPropertyStrings open fun putPropertyStrings(p: Provider.Service)
putService open fun putService(p: Provider.Service)
readObject open fun readObject(p: ObjectInputStream)
reconstitutionPut open fun reconstitutionPut(p: Array<Hashtable.Entry<out Any, out Any», p1: K, p2: V)
rehash open fun rehash()
remove open fun remove(p: Any): Any
open fun remove(p: Any): V
open fun remove(p: Any, p1: Any): Boolean
removeInvalidServices open fun removeInvalidServices(p: Map<Provider.ServiceKey, Provider.Service>)
removePropertyStrings open fun removePropertyStrings(p: Provider.Service)
removeService open fun removeService(p: Provider.Service)
replace open fun replace(p: Any, p1: Any): Any
open fun replace(p: K, p1: V): V
open fun replace(p: Any, p1: Any, p2: Any): Boolean
replaceAll open fun replaceAll(p: BiFunction<out Any, out Any, out Any>)
save open fun save(p: OutputStream, p1: String)
saveConvert open fun saveConvert(p: String, p1: Boolean, p2: Boolean): String
setProperty open fun setProperty(p: String, p1: String): Any
size open fun size(): Int
store open fun store(p: Writer, p1: String)
store0 open fun store0(p: BufferedWriter, p1: String, p2: Boolean)
storeToXML open fun storeToXML(p: OutputStream, p1: String)
stringPropertyNames open fun stringPropertyNames(): Set<String>
toHex open fun toHex(p: Int): Char
toString open fun toString(): String
values open fun values(): Collection<Any>
open fun values(): Collection<V>
writeComments open fun writeComments(p: BufferedWriter, p1: String)
writeObject open fun writeObject(p: ObjectOutputStream)


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