hwsecurity-fido-util / de.cotech.hw.fido.util / VerifiedFidoAuthenticateResponse /


abstract class VerifiedFidoAuthenticateResponse


Name Summary
checkUserPresence open fun checkUserPresence(): Boolean
fromResponse open fun fromResponse(authenticateResponse: FidoAuthenticateResponse): VerifiedFidoAuthenticateResponse
getChallenge abstract fun getChallenge(): String
getClientData abstract fun getClientData(): String

abstract fun getCounter(): Int

This is the big-endian representation of a counter value that the U2F deviceincrements every time it performs a sign operation.

getFacetId abstract fun getFacetId(): String
getKeyHandle abstract fun getKeyHandle(): Array<Byte>

abstract fun getSignature(): Array<Byte>

This is a ECDSA signature (on P-256)


abstract fun getUserPresence(): Byte

Bit 0 is set to 1, which means that user presence was verified.

toString open fun toString(): String