heise devSec: NFC connection quality for FIDO logins

It could be that simple: Hold the FIDO security key against the smartphone and log in via NFC. Unfortunately, the quality of the connection depends strongly on how the NFC antenna is integrated in the smartphone. COTECH therefore collects device-dependent data to show the end user the best NFC location.

If you have an Android smartphone with NFC you are welcome to come to our booth on heise devSec 2019 and find the best NFC location together with us. The first 20 participants will receive an NFC-enabled FIDO2 security key worth 30 € each.

Dr. Dominik Schürmann

Before founding COTECH, Dominik Schürmann was a researcher at the Technische Universität Braunschweig and worked on network security and cryptographic protocols. Yet, he did not lose sight of the usability aspects of IT security and conducted several user studies.

Hardware Security SDK

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