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Coming Soon: WebAuthn/FIDO2

We are currently working on our WebAuthn/FIDO2 support. It’ll even implement certain extensions, such as the Transaction Authorization extension.

If you like to get early access, contact us with your project details.

Hardware Security SDK
Security Keys

FIDO2 Security Keys

Passwordless login is supported by modern FIDO2 Security Keys, such as the YubiKeys 5 series as well as Solokeys. Security Keys can be directly connected over USB-C and NFC. USB-A keys require an additional USB OTG cable.

NFC Sweetspot

Each smartphone has a different sweetspot where the NFC connection works best. Our Hardware Security SDK shows this spot to make it easy for the user to place their NFC Security Key.

Standards Compliant

The FIDO Alliance does not certify native FIDO clients. However, our SDK has been successfully tested with a wide variety of FIDO authenticators. It has been implemented by carefully following the FIDO standards.

Technical Support

If you ever need help, you get direct access to the developers and cryptographers who built the product. Whether you have questions getting started or you want to know how to best integrate SDK features into your app, we’re here to help you find a solution.