Cotech Custom Smartcard Solutions

For specialized use cases in your app

Smartcards have been used on Desktop and Laptop systems for a long time. Cotech brings smartcard technology to smartphones. We support contactless smartcards over NFC without any additional hardware. (The video shows NFC encryption with smartcards)
Smartcards, Provisioning Station, App Integration

Everything Included

We provide the full package for you to get smartcard support in your app, including consulting and support.

  • Smartcard support in your app using our Hardware Security SDK
  • Provisioning Station to initialize smartcards on-demand
  • Custom smartcards solving your requirements
  • Integration services for existing identity platforms

Support Smartcards in Your App

We integrate our Hardware Security SDK in your app to implement specialized use cases such as:

  • In-App Database Encryption (as seen in the video)
  • U2F/FIDO2 Authentication
  • SSH Authentication
  • Signing Things on the Blockchain

Smartcard Provisioning

Our provisioning setup allows you to flash smartcard firmware, do quality assurance and roll-out smartcards on your own for your company or customers.

Custom Smartcards

We are in contact with a lot of different smartcard manufacturers to select the smartcards that match your requirements.

Talk to us if you need a whitelabel solution of our smartcard. We provide support for different protocols and designs.

Start Using Smartcards on Mobile